In 2007 I got my hands on the first generation iPod Touch. I was amazed about how easy it was to interact with a touch-screen based user interface. My interest for interaction design was born.

I'm Andreas Grünewald, a Master of Science in Interaction and Design-student and intended UX-focused developer.


Summer of 2015

During the summer of 2015 I had got the great opportunity to move to Gothenburg and work for the awesome company Interaktionsbyrån. This company’s main target is to create fantastic digital user experience in cars.

My Role and Work

Me and a guy named Adam Scott who studied interaction design at Chalmers University worked together during the summer. We worked in a team of three people, where us students where front-end developers and an employee of theirs did the back-end. We built the front-end with Facebooks library React JS, which was great. That library is really competent and easy to work with, and I will continue building webpages with it.

Consulting Valimed AB

Summer 2014

The summer of 2014 I started my very first own business. With the help of Uminova Innovation I became something they call a Summer Entrepreneur. Through them I got in contact with Valimed AB, a small local company based in Umeå. They wanted help with digitalizing formulas used in the medical business. I built this using the PHP framework Laravel for backend, together with the CSS framework Gumby for front-end, and topped it off with some own Javascript for extra effect.

IDag & Inatt

Spring 2014

Every year students at my program invite three companies related to our program plus a former student  to have a show-and-tell about what they do. It’s a day to be inspired by and connect with companies as well as socialize and boost our study moral. Every year has it’s own theme though. This year it was “Royal”, so we decided to create a modern but also classic webpage with all the information. My part was to program the back-end that should take care of applications for the day and nominations for the Student of the Year -award. It was all made with PHP and it’s framework Laravel.


A copy of the page can be viewed here.

Project Morbus

Spring 2014

A project where me, Albin Hübsch and Carl Holmertz worked with Tempus to determine how diseases spread between pre-schools and predict larger disease outbreaks. To do this we implemented a heatmap to view the data change over time and tried different statistic methods together with artificial intelligence for the predictions.

My Role

My responsibility in this was the heatmap. The heatmap can show data from a single date or data from between a date interval. It shows how many sick children there is on each school in either quantity or percent. It also shows relations between schools, where the relations are the number of siblings there are between these pre-schools. It sounds simple, but my test-code ended up being 1400 lines of Javascript.


Summer of 2013

Caperio is a company with broad experience within it-solutions. During the summer of 2013 they decided to build an service and ordering portal, where my work was to be interaction designer.

My Role

I worked with development of a service and ordering-portal they were developing at the time. Because it was a product that they developed that should be implemented into different customers systems the content was unknown. This made my work especially interesting and challenging when it came to designing a menu for the product. I didn’t know the content of the menu, and it should be expandable to all kinds of content.

Who I am

A passionate intended interaction designer with to much energy. I love new experiences, photography and adrenaline-sports. Especially downhill mountainbiking.

What I do

At the moment I'm on my fourth year at Umeå University, where I'm studying for a Master of Science in Engineering with focus on Interaction and Design.

What I want

A normal day: coffee. In life: start my own business, have a lot of fun, learn by doing and try not to be afraid of making mistakes. You've got to learn somehow.